A Starfield that’s Green and Recyclable

iSky also offers LED downlights and RGB tape lighting.


Now you can have that starfield ceiling without any guilt. Fiberoptic Studio, creator of the modular iSky Panel Systems, offers ceiling panels that mimic the night sky and are made of recycled materials.

The EcoStar panels are made from recycled polyester fiber (65 percent PET-recycled fiber and 35 percent PET-virgin fiber) and are recyclable themselves. There’s probably a really bad joke about stardust in all of this, but I think we should resist.

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The idea behind EcoStar is to significantly reduce the environmental footprint of acoustic treatments that traditionally use fiberglass. Like other iSky ceiing panels, the fiber optics that make the stars shine and twinkle are installed at the factory and can be hung or mounted easily, with male and female connectors linking the panels. Each panel contains a Star Engine and can be repositioned and cut for lighting receptacles.

The black ceiling panels come in a drop-in or surface-mount option with hidden screws. Prices for EcoStar starts at $31.25 per square foot with 1-inch-thick panels offering sound absorption at 0.75 NCR. For additional sound absorption, 2-inch thick panels are available as an upgrade.

LED Lighting

In another nod to green, Fiberoptic Studio also offers an energy-efficient uRay LED Down Light ($65) a 3-watt low-voltage fixture perfect for soffits or home theater ceilings and tiltable for a desired effect. The Cree-based lamps are rated for over 35,000 hours. Twelve down lights can be daisy-chained together on a single 4-amp driver.

To complete the effect, there’s the uRay RGB Eco Tape and uRay RGB Link for colored LED lighting effects.

The Eco Tape ($18.75 per foot) and RGB Link ($28 per foot) can fit in a built-in light shelf of iSky panels to highlight them, or be used to accent equipment racks, behind TVs, pathway lighting or under bars. The uRay RGB Link’s slim profile provides a clean, finished look for ambient lighting.

The RGB LEDs can be dimmed and controlled with iSky’s standard IR Remote and receiver package or with the more advanced DMX RGB Module.

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