A Giant Audio Upgrade for NFLer Travis Beckum

This tight end scored when he traded in his old stereo speakers for a professionally installed system that’s cleaner and clearer.


We’re all guilty of it: Buying something at our local retailer because it’s quick, easy and cheap, only to kick ourselves later for being so impulsive. If we had just waited, saved and bought something better, we’d be much happier.

Travis Beckum, who plays tight end for the New York Giants, recently experienced the same buyer’s remorse. The two speakers and subwoofer setup he bought on a whim simply weren’t living up to his expectations. Looking for a better listening experience, he contacted Todd Anthony Puma from The Source Home Theater Installation & Design Corp. in Staten Island, N.Y., to recommend and install a higher-quality audio system (see the equipment list).

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What was your audio system like before you decided to upgrade?
Pretty bare bones. I had two speakers and a subwoofer that I picked up from Best Buy in both my bedroom and living room. It was time for something better. So now I have a complete sound system in each area. Is there a big difference in quality? The clarity is so much better. It becomes really apparent when you crank the volume. The dialogue is still clear no matter how loudly I play the system. There are times when I just sit back and listen. I can actually understand the lyrics of my music now.

What are your favorite types of music?
I like hip-hop and R&B. Jay-Z and Lil Wayne are two of my favorites.

Do you find yourself entertaining more now?
Absolutely. Before, I used to just invite a couple of people over. Now it seems like my place has become the party pad.

What about the system? Is it easy to use?
The receiver (Marantz NR1602) has so many settings to fine-tune the audio. I haven’t really had the chance to toy around with it, but I definitely plan on doing so.


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