99 Cents Only Stores to Sell 99-Cent Flat-Screen TVs

The first few people to one new store will score a bargain on a 22-inch Philips LCD TV.


Most people are very familiar with the concept of a 99-cent store. You also pretty much know what you’re going to find there: candy, toys, paper goods, and the occasional, questionable lunchmeat. However, one 99-cent store is offering the ultimate bargain — a 22-inch flat-screen LCD TV.

When the newest branch of 99 Cents Only Stores opens in Temecula, California, the retailer will offer the first nine customers the option to buy a Philips 22-inch Flat Screen LCD TV for just 99 cents. The TV typically sells for $230, so it’s a pretty nice bargain.

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Don’t expect to scarf up all nine of those TVs, either. It will be one per customer, and limited to the first nine in line when the store opens on Thursday, September 8, 2011, at 8:00 a.m.

If you are customer number 10 through 99, you’ll have the option to buy a Scooter for 99 cents. It’s not a techie item that you can hang in your bedroom, but still a decent bargain, considering it typically sells for $29. The 99 customers after that can score a Bell South Visual Director Caller ID Box with Call Waiting and Voicemail Sync (MSRP: $16), with the next 99 getting the option to buy a $10 Microsoft Notebook Optical Mouse for the magic 99-cent price.

The store plans to have other 99-cent promotions throughout the week including:

  • $30 i.Sound iPod Shuffle Tripod (MSRP: $30): Friday, September 9

  • Samba Maracas for Wii ($20): Saturday, September 10.
  • Friends 3-pack DVD Collection ($12): Sunday, September 11
  • Targus Portable DVD Charger ($10): Monday, September 12
  • Hasbro’s The Moment of Truth Board Game ($10): Tuesday, September 13
  • The Art of Pirates of the Caribbean Coffee Table Book ($50): Wednesday, September 14

Of course, all of the items listed above will be available for just 99 cents, to the store’s first 99 customers.

The new Temecula, California 99 Cents Only Stores is located at 40355 Winchester Road on the northeast corner of Margarita Road, just a few minutes east of Interstate 15. This will be the first 99 Cents Only Stores in the Temecula area and the 212th store in California.


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