9 Ways to Enhance Your Home Theater

You (hopefully) have the basics. Now consider one of these nine add-ons.


Science-fiction-themed theater. Photo courtesy of Kevin Kelley Photography.

When it comes to home theater, there are a few standards. We expect a big HDTV or a projector and screen, speakers and a receiver as the bare minimum. Then, there are the items that are just the icing on the cake.

Accessories and other add-ons can make a theater better, more personalized, or just downright weird. Of course, not everyone needs motorized pocket doors, a carbonite Han Solo, or even a bowling alley.

Don’t get us wrong; all of those things are wonderful — and strongly encouraged! However, they are usually not the norm. Richard Blackwell of AVWorkz Software, LLC says that he’s seen a lot of video conferencing, motion-activated lighting, and dedicated thermostats lately. Of course, he longs for the days of something with a slightly larger wow factor. “I would like to see an automated telescope linked to the theater, for an HD view of the heavens,” he says. “I have a customer in Tennesse that I have pitched this idea to recently. He likes it. The guy has a telescope on his roof!”

Not everyone needs aerial views, but home theaters of all shapes and sizes can benefit from a few additional (and in some cases, affordable) items. Here we’ve narrowed down a few of our favorites.

Check out our list of 9 home theater add-ons. Is your must-have missing? Sound off in the comments section below.


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