9 Big Screen TV Suggestions for the Big Game

Top Game Day TVs


There are only a few days left before one of the most important TVs days of the year is upon us. When the New York Giants go up against the New England Patriots, do you want your guests to be watching on a puny little 720p TV you bought at the bargain warehouse store 6 years ago, or do you want to share the glory of a top-of-the-line video machine?

Of course we know the answer.

So what should you look for in a top Super Bowl worthy TV? With a few exceptions, you’ll be looking for a plasma or LCD TV. Both technologies can deliver deep blacks and vibrant colors, but low-end models can also disappoint. Look for TVs capable of handling fast motion easily (unless you expect the game to be a sleeper). You’ll also benefit from some smart TV features, especially if the TV incorporates sports new updates (such as apps from ESPN) or social networking sites. Some TVs allow you to post and monitor Facebook and Twitter while watching a TV program. Youtube is also a good feature to have on your smart TV if you want to watch all the popular Super Bowl commercials over and over again.

These nine luxury TVs pack the best in picture quality and advanced features, perfect for your game day party.


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