5 Features to Consider in A/V Furniture

These characteristics should be high on the priority list when choosing the right furniture pieces for your room.


Tucking entertainment gear into a cabinet can feel like piecing together a jigsaw puzzle.

A cabinet with the right features, however, can simplify the task—and help your equipment perform at its peak.

Dave Jacobs, customer relations manager at BDI, a furniture manufacturer in Chantilly, Va., suggests buying a cabinet with the following features:

Ventilation. This ensures that the components won’t overheat. Ventilation can be accomplished passively, so the cabinet allows cool air to enter and warm air to exit, as well as actively via a small fan.

Cable Management. The design of the cabinet should provide avenues for cabling between components. Without it, wiring often ends up in a tangled mess.

Hidden Wheels. Cabinets are heavy, especially when they’re loaded with equipment. Wheels can help you get the cabinet into position without pulling a muscle.

Adjustable Shelving. Audio/video components come in all shapes and sizes. Adjustable shelving ensures that every piece, including perhaps a center-channel speaker, fits into the cabinet nicely.

IR-Friendly Doors. Make sure the doors on your cabinet will permit signals from an infrared remote to pass to the equipment inside.


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