3net Network Launches 3D Movie Studio

The newly launched 3net Studios plans to produce in-house 3D content.


It looks like more 3D content is coming whether you like it or not — at least to those of you with access to the 3net network.

The network just announced the formation of 3net Studios. The new venture will create content for the network, as well as unnamed “existing and new partners.”

There’s no word on who will get to share the content, but this could be great for the year-old network. After all, it sort of makes sense that if you’re going to have a whole 24/7 3D network, you probably shouldn’t rely on other people to make all of the content.

Even more interesting is that the announcement says that “select projects will be completed in native 3D 4K, 2D 4K, 3D 2K and both 3D/2D HD formats.”

The announcement doesn’t say what type of content the studio will produce, but there should be more info on that in the coming weeks. The newly launched movie studio does have a nice lineup of backers, including Sony, Discovery and IMAX. The trio first formed a partnership to launch 3net back in 2011.

Currently, 3net is available on DIRECTV and carries everything from NASCAR and nature shows to theatrical 3D films like Hubble and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.


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