220-inch Outdoor Home Theater Screen Entertains Entire Community

This outdoor home theater in Southern California includes 20 speakers, an amphitheater and 18 feet of projection screen.

Elan g! Outdoor Home Theater Screen

Some people build an outdoor home theater to entertain friends and family on warm summer nights. However, this homeowner really built his space for the masses.

This Southern California homeowner doesn’t just have an outdoor home theater. It’s a nearly-commercial level amphitheater with a custom-built 220-inch motorized projection screen, 20 speakers, fully automated landscape lighting, and a performance stage with 10 inputs that connect to a mixing board inside.

That said, this luxurious spread isn’t just a spot to show off. The homeowner loves to share his wealth of AV goodies with the community, and often holds events here.

“I wanted to create a space where the community could come together, where we could hold events and where my son could really get creative with his friends,” the anonymous homeowner says. “The last event we held was a children’s charity benefit where we hosted about 200 people. We had bands play on the stage, and we can broadcast through every speaker both inside and outside the house. It’s been really great, and it allows us to have fun without stressing because it’s so easy to use.”

That ease of use is all thanks to the Elan g! system, which is the brain behind the entire setup. All of the audio is run through an Elan 16-channel amplifier to the Niles in-ceiling speakers around the home and the Niles OS outdoor speakers surrounding the property. Chatsworth-based integrator AM House installed everything, including six zones of lighting, which are split between different levels as the property descends down the hillside. The Elan g! mobile app also ties into eight indoor zones of audio, as well as five outdoor zones and controls for the spa and projection system.

“Everything is basically plug-and-play, and any adjustments are easy to make with the Elan g! mobile app on my iPhone or iPad,” the homeowner says. “My son has been using it since he was 6-years-old.”

Other features include a room with a mixing board and four studio monitors, Jandy spa controls that tie into the Elan system for full mobile access to the temperature, and automated lighting both indoors and outside. Oh and just in case 18 feet of projection screen isn’t eye-catching enough, the home also features a 15-foot-tall LED-lit sculpture of a question mark right in the front yard.

“This is one of the coolest backyards I’ve ever seen, let alone designed and installed,” says Justin Brees, owner of electronics integration firm AM House. “Between the custom-made Vutec projection screen, the super-bright 3600-lumen Optoma 1080p projector and the Niles speakers and Elan control, it’s more like a commercial entertainment space than a backyard. Having a stage to hold performances and play them throughout the entire property was a really cool idea and we were able to make it all very simple to operate with the Elan system.”

This outdoor home theater space may appear massive, but that just means the family has more entertainment opportunities. Believe it or not, the homeowner says it’s awesome whether he’s having a community event or a quiet movie night. He also credits builder Jose Bermeo for helping to bring his vision to life.

“I knew what I wanted, and I hoped it was possible, but both Jose and Justin really knocked it out of the park with the execution,” he says. “To me, this is part home improvement, part community building and part gift to my son. And for two years, it’s been a work-in-progress because I keep finding new things I want the system to do or new subsystems to integrate, so I’m sure this isn’t the last of it. It might be a unique space as far as technology goes, but for me and my son it’s really a way to fully enjoy the beautiful area we live in with our friends and the community.”

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