13 Really Cool Retro Home Theaters

From classic Hollywood to mod, there are plenty of homes combining an old look with modern technology.

The term “retro” can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. To us, it means some really cool home theater rooms.

Some people like the feel of a ’50s diner, while others think of retro as the theaters from their childhood — and maybe their parents and grandparents’ childhood. Either way, we know a lot of homeowners that have made it a mission to mesh an old vibe with today’s high-tech equipment.

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The retro theme is a very popular one when it comes to the home theater space. Let’s take a peek at 13 home theaters that managed to make everything that’s old look new (and insanely cool) again.

Check out our slideshow of 13 Really Cool Retro Home Theaters.

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