11 Awesome Themed Home Theaters

Take a peek at our latest crop of eye-popping themed theater rooms.

Building a home theater can be a very personal experience. Some spaces are built around specific pieces of equipment, while others are molded around the size of a certain room. Of course, many people just do the best they can with their available budget.

Then, we have theme theaters. Typically, these no-holds-barred rooms are modeled after a specific movie, sport or other pastime, with matching walls, carpet and accessories. Theme theaters are in a class of their own. After all, you can’t exactly head down to your local AV shop to find a life-sized Boba Fett, now can you? These rooms take a lot of time, planning and money.

We’ve covered theme theaters a lot in the past (including here, here and here). However, there still are tons of people out there bringing themes to life, as well as to their homes.

Let’s take a peek at some of our most recent theater finds in 11 Awesome Themed Home Theaters.

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