10 High-Tech Gifts for a Geeky Father’s Day

Here are 10 last-minute ideas that would make any geeky dad giddy.

This Sunday is Father’s Day. You could give dad the remote for the entire day, make him his favorite breakfast, and offer to mow the lawn — or you could actually give him something that he can enjoy all year long, whether you’re around or not.

A lot of dads love gadgets. Some may not totally understand them, but they love them nonetheless.

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There are a slew of electronics options in a variety of different price ranges for a variety of different dads. Here are the topic pics for dads who love electronics. Some may add a little convenience into dad’s life, while others will give him something to show off to the neighbors. Some do both!

So forget about those lawn duties. You can be as lazy today as you are every day. Instead, just get dad one of the items on our list of 10 High-Tech Gifts for a Geeky Father’s Day.

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  • Piper is an easy home security and automation device that combines HD panoramic video, Z-Wave home automation, and environmental sensors into one product. The setup couldn't be easier: Plug it in, connect it to the Wi-Fi, and pair it with a smartphone or tablet. Users can pan and zoom the camera, switch to a quad view, or interact with family and pets via two-way audio. Other features include a customizable app, a siren, and Z-Wave support so it can be tied into your next high-tech Father's Day gift.

    MSRP: Starts at $239
    For More Information: The Piper Combines Home Security with Z-Wave Home Automation' src="http://cdn.electronichouse.com/images/slides/Fathers-Piper.jpg" width="133" alt="Piper DIY Home Automation" />

  • MSRP: $199.99 to $399.99
    For More Information:
    GoPro' src="http://cdn.electronichouse.com/images/slides/Fathers-GoPro.jpg" width="133" alt="GoPro Hero3" />
  • Curve 50 has a 50-mile range.) Plus, it won't have him up on the roof trying to adjust for a perfect picture. Instead, the option can be set up indoors within minutes. Just plug it in, scan and go.

    MSRP: $49.99
    For More Information: Mohu' src="http://cdn.electronichouse.com/images/slides/Fathers-Mohu30.jpg" width="133" alt="Mohu Curve 30 HDTV Antenna" />

  • MSRP: $39.99
    For More Information:
    iDevices' src="http://cdn.electronichouse.com/images/slides/Fathers-iDevices.jpg" width="133" alt="iDevices Kitchen Thermometer mini " />

  • MSRP: $49.99
    For More Information:
    Belkin WeMo' src="http://cdn.electronichouse.com/images/slides/Fathers-Belkin.jpg" width="133" alt="Belkin WeMo Switch" />

  • MSRP: $300
    For More Information:
    Quirky' src="http://cdn.electronichouse.com/images/slides/Fathers-Quirky.jpg" width="133" alt="Quirky Smart Air Conditioner" />

  • MSRP: $1,999
    For More Information:
    Robomow' src="http://cdn.electronichouse.com/images/slides/Fathers-Robomow.jpg" width="133" alt="Robomow RS630" />

  • MSRP: $59.98
    For More Information:
    ' src="http://cdn.electronichouse.com/images/slides/Fathers-Cosmos.jpg" width="133" alt="Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey Blu-ray" />

  • MSRP: $1,495 to $7,695
    For More Information:
    SunBriteTV' src="http://cdn.electronichouse.com/images/slides/Fathers-SunBriteTV.jpg" width="133" alt="SunBriteTV Signature Series Outdoor TV" />

  • MSRP: $399.99
    For More Information:
    Bowers & Wilkins' src="http://cdn.electronichouse.com/images/slides/Fathers-BW.jpg" width="133" alt="Bowers & Wikins P5 Maserati Headphones" />

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