1 Million Customers Dumped Cable for Netflix and Hulu in 2011

A new report says that more people are directing entertainment funds to the likes of Netflix, Hulu and iTunes.


Apparently, people weren’t all that mad at Netflix last year after all. According to a report by the Convergence Consulting Group (via Entertainment Weekly), about one million people dropped cable and satellite services in 2011, and got that entertainment fix through the likes of Netflix, Hulu and iTunes.

So technically, it wasn’t just Netflix. That said, it’s interesting to see how many customers were willing to cut the cord.

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In fact, the report says that 2.7 million U.S subscribers have said goodbye to cable and satellite services over the past three years. However, a million of those were just in 2011. The CCG says that 900,000 more will follow this year.

Of course, that’s just a drop in the bucket compared to how many people are still paying. EW says that cable and satellite companies still have a combined 100 million subscribers.

Are you one of them or have you cut the cord for good? Sound off in the comments section below.


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