Zorro: The Swashbuckling MemoCam

Video Domain has introduced a covert security camera that records right to an SD card.


The Zorro's image quality ranges from 640 x 480 for standard models, to 1280 x 960 to the Megapixel model.

This Zorro isn’t as suave as Antonio Banderas or as tan as George Hamilton, but it can catch predators from stealing your stuff.

Video Domain has announced the Zorro — a dual camera and digital video recorder with dual-detection passive infrared and video motion detection. It’s part of the company’s MemoCam family, which means that while it can’t leave a big “Z” carved into your foes, it can catch them in the act and record their antics to an SD card.

The Zorro compatible with Windows Vista, it’s small and it’s easy to install, but the look sort of reminds me of some of the old X10 equipment.

It’s not the greatest thing since sliced cheese; it’s not too shabby either — and I LOVE how they described it as “foxy” in the press release. I’m sold.


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