WallyHome Can Keep Tabs on Water Leaks and Mold

The smart home gadget uses your home's existing wiring to prevent or minimize potential damage.

We’re right in the middle of the summer, which means you’re probably traveling. Whether you’re going away for a weekend or an entire season, there’s always some amount of worry when you leave that home alone. There are cameras, sensors and other gadgets to keep tabs on your home when you’re away. However, a new gadget called WallyHome can detect something slightly different: water.

Specifically, WallyHome keeps tabs on water leaks and even mold — basically two things you don’t want inside your house.

According to the American Insurance Association, 14 million homeowners suffered from damage due to water, freezing and mold just in 2011 alone. Those mishaps accounted for about $11 billion in damage.

WallyHome can help to prevent or minimize that damage by monitoring your home for leaks, as well as changes in temperature and mold. It can do it pretty easily too, promising an installation process that uses a SNUPI (Sensor Network Utilizing Powerline Infrastructure). That basically means it can turn your home’s existing wiring into a receiving antenna that can send data from the included sensors to the WallyHome Hub.

You will need to connect that Hub to your Ethernet and set up sensors in potential problem areas, such as the sink, near the refrigerator, by the dishwasher, etc. Once everything is set up, users can keep tabs on everything from any web-enabled device. WallyHome will even send texts and emails to alert you about problems.

WallyHome is available now. The $299 package price includes the WallyHome Hub, six sensors, a power cord, an Ethernet cord, and free monitoring via email and text alerts.

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