Viper Debuts Self-Installed Home Security System

The new option includes an app to monitor both home and car security.

Viper is best known for car security, but now they are speeding into homes with a new self-installed home security system.

Viper Home can be accessed from iOS and Android devices. Of course, there are a ton of app-controlled security options. The hook on Viper Home is that it will be integrated with the current Viper SmartStart car security app. The end result is ViperConnect, the first app to offer monitoring for both your home and car.

Viper Home promises an easy installation, without the need for special tools. Just connect the central hub to your router and place the indoor motion detectors and magnetic door/window sensors wherever you see fit. The Viper Home Starter Kit comes with the hub, as well as one of each kind of sensor.

Other features include real-time notifications and the option for up to 64 devices on one system. Those devices can include cameras and motion detectors, an indoor siren, a remote control key fob, and a Z-Wave bridge for adding lighting, thermostat control, and more.

“Viper Home was created to give people a technologically advanced, yet self-installed and low-cost solution to home security that they can personally monitor through their smartphones with sensors and real-time video,” said James Turner, VP of product development at Viper. “We believe our proprietary technology will show that traditional home security firms with expensive monthly fees are a thing of the past.”

You can download ViperConnect for free from the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The Viper Home Starter Kit is currently a Best Buy exclusive, with an MSRP of $229.99. To add ViperWatch video notifications, expect to pay $9.99 per month.

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