Ultralink/XLO Releases Tiny Power Device

The PS-103 provides power and surge protection and rates at 1,080 Joules.

Ultralink PS-103

The Ultrapower PS-103 boasts the company's proprietary X3 MOV power protection technology.

Ultrapower looks more like tiny power.

That’s not to pooh-pooh the new Ultralink/XLO power management device; it’s just that, well… the PS-103 is a cute little guy.

The PS-103 may be compact and (almost) cuddly, but it packs in power and surge protection for a variety of A/V devices. It has three AC outlets with high-frequency filtering to reduce EMI/RFI interference and other noise in the AC line.

Rated at 1,080 Joules, the unit also boasts the company’s proprietary X3 MOV technology, as well as an energy-absorbing “shield” that can protect connected components. It’s like a superhero, with none of the flash and catchphrases.

One of those outlets also pivots and so do the two bi-directional, RF coaxial connectors, so you won’t have to throw out a shoulder to plug something in.

The PS-103 is available now for $49.95.


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