Tributaries Adds 2 Power Strips

New single- and eight-outlet models complete the company's line of swiveling surge protectors.

Tributaries T8

The Tributaries T8 has six swiveling outlets, with another two fixed jacks.

Tributaries is ready to round out its line of swiveling power strips — capping everything off with two new models.

The T1 has a single outlet, while the T8 has eight. See how that works? Both include high-current surge protection features. The T8 adds in RFI AC line filtering, which means there’s less of a chance that RF noise will bother the AC supplies of your connected A/V equipment.

Both also have swiveling plugs, which makes it easy to squeeze another power supply into tight spaces or at awkward angles. The T1 turns a full 360 degrees. The T8 has six outlets that turn 180 degrees, with two other fixed jacks. That makes for a nice mixture of cords, twisting in various directions.

The 1,875-watt T8 rates with 2,160 joules, while the 1,500-watt T1 has 202. Both units are available now, with the T1 costing a mere $20 and the T8 priced at $50.


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