11 Cameras Focus on Electronic House

When adding technology to the home, these owners didn't want to leave anything out.


Photo by Cyber Home Networks, Inc.

Audio and video everywhere is fun, but this homeowner wanted all that, plus security from any entertainment source — including audio. While they were at it, the installer also needed to integrate the lighting system with the audio/video.

By tying the CCTV system with the Elan system, the homeowners can monitor 11 outdoor color cameras on any of the televisions throughout the house.

The end result? One very pleased homeowner.

“Through learning how to use the new equipment, I have realized how great it is to have everything networked together,” says the owner. For example, during a recent party for their son’s 3rd birthday, they used the D-Link unit to display pictures of their pride and joy on every TV in the house.


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