Tap into Locks with SimpliciKey’s KeyCloud App

The new mobile app provides access to door locks via a smartphone or computer.


There are plenty of apps that allow you to tap into home systems while on the go. Llighting and temperature controls, webcams and other home services are all now at your fingertips from almost anywhere in the world. Being able to lock and unlock doors seems like one of the more convenient uses of remote control. There are a few solutions out there, with the latest being SimpliciKey’s KeyCloud.

KeyCloud is a brand-new web app designed to work with SimpliciKey’s wireless remote control electronic deadbolt. Using a smartphone or computer, KeyCloud allows users to unlock or lock the home from anywhere in the world. It even offers control over lighting and other KeyCloud-compatible devices.

Designed for use with Apple and Android devices, as well as any web browser, KeyCloud allows users to assign keycodes and keyfobs, check in on the lock status, peek at usage history, and even set rules and parameters for each lock and the lights — all through remote devices.

SimpliciKey says there are no subscription fees for the KeyCloud service, and the company even plans to add on more compatible devices in the future.

SimpliciKey products are available now, with the KeyCloud add-on coming sometime in the third quarter of 2013.


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