Swann Packs DVR into Flashlight

New device stuffs all-in-one camera and digital video recording into a portable flashlight.

Swann FlashlightDVR

The Flashlight DVR can record MPEG4 video either internally, via 128MB flash memory, or externally through an optional SD card (up to 2GB).

It seems very James Bond to pack a digital video recorder into a flashlight. Maybe that was the inspiration behind Swann’s FlashlightDVR.

OK… the Bond version would probably be smaller than the kind that hangs off your keychain, but this isn’t a movie — this product is actually available. Also, this sidekick DVR isn’t designed so you can catch up on “Lost;” it can catch burglars, kids, or varmints in the act.

The FlashlightDVR packs a color camera and DVR into a working flashlight for covert surveillance, as well as other creative applications.

“Our customers continually tell us that they are in need of surveillance products that can be easily concealed,” explains Guy Pithie, Swann’s VP for North America. “The FlashlightDVR is just the type of product that will allow anyone to capture surveillance video without raising any suspicion. We believe this product will be embraced by law enforcement, security professional and private investigators. It is also has possibilities to be used on hunting, camping or boating trips in the great outdoors!”

Designed to operate in low-light conditions, the FlashlightDVR records audio and video, via the MPEG4 format. The unit stores up to 128MB in its internal memory; or add an extra 2GB via an SD card. Powered by 3 C batteries or rechargeable Ni-MH batteries, the flashlight also features a built-in Ni-MH charger with a 12-volt input.

The FlashlightDVR sells for $499 at J&R, B&H, Security Cameras Direct, Weber Supply and MC Border Security.


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