Swann Debuts $129 Wireless Security System

The new Home Wireless Alarm System all-in-one kit boasts a full security system for cheap.


What can you buy for $129? Apparently, a little peace of mind.

Swann Security just announced its Home Wireless Alarm System, which costs a mere $129. It’s a complete kit, which means no add-ons or installation fees need to be tacked on top of that cost.

The Home Wireless Alarm System includes two alarm PIR motion sensors, two window/doorway sensors, one anti-intrusion siren, one touchpad controller, and two keypad remote controls.

Just connect the siren to the control panel with one of the included cables, and power the system on. All of the sensors run on AAA batteries. Once one of the sensors is triggered, that siren will blast out 110 decibels of sound. The system can even work remotely, using one of the keypad controllers.

We’re extremely curious to see how a $129 performs. Either way, at least you can send a message. The system also comes with eight deterrent window stickers to let potential thieves know you’re well protected.

Take a peek at Swann’s video walkthrough to see what you think. If you like what you see, the system will be available next month through Swann’s network of retailers.


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