Swann Boosts Its Wireless Security with ADW

Swann Communications has introduced the $199 ADW-300 Security Camera and Receiver, the first in its advanced digital wireless range, with color and black-and-white applications.

swann adw-300

Swann's ADW-300 Security Camera and Receiver

Home monitoring systems don’t get much easier to set up than this. Swann Communications has introduced its Advanced Digital Wireless (ADW) technology, so your DIY surveillance project is a snap to set up and use.

The first product Swann has put out there in its ADW range is the ADW-300 Security Camera and Receiver, with simple plug-and-play installation.

The ADW-300 color camera can record clear video during the day, and it switches to bland and white, with infrared night vision in low light situations, so you never have to worry about it missing a beat — or that those shadowy figures will stay shadowy.

The wireless transmission range of at least 160 feet allows you plenty of flexibility for camera placement, whether you want it indoors or outdoors. Improvement upon the older 2.4GHz analog wireless technology with the new ADW provides point-to-point digital wireless transmission feed from the camera to the receiver with less interference form some of the usual suspects like cordless phones, microwave ovens and Bluetooth.

On the receiver end, hook it up to a DVR, VCR or monitor and presto, you’re ready to view and/or record.

There’s no specific release date listed, but Swann says the ADW-300 will have an MSRP of $199.99 and “is coming soon from Swann retail and online retailers,” so be on the lookout.


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