Sparrow Has Eye on Security Market

LaserShield's new wireless home solution uses digital versus traditional phone lines.


Sparrow is an Internet adapter that works with the LaserShield system and digital phones.

Keep your eye on this Sparrow. LaserShield Systems just announced the Sparrow, a “plug & go” wireless, instant home security solution.

Designed for web use, the product is actually a web adapter that links home security with digital phones 24/7. No more relying on just standard phone lines, which is a good thing since a lot of people no longer rely on them anyway.

The setup sends out a continuous signal at regular intervals throughout the day to Sparrow to make sure it’s always operational. If there’s a breach, the Sparrow is on it, sending the info out over the web — and to a monitoring service.

The Sparrow is available now for $129.99. However, you’ll also need the LaserShield Instant Security System, which runs $199.95 for the master alarm unit, a wireless motion detector and two keychain remotes. Monitoring service is an additional $29.95 per month with a $25 one-time activation fee.


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