Smoke Detector Sends Text Messages

In case of fire, FireText could save your life or home via text message.


Everyone and everything seems to send text messages these days. Now you can add your home’s smoke detector into the mix.

Hopefully, the FireText will never actually need to send a text, because that would mean that something horrible has happened. When there is a fire, this smoke detector starts sending out texts to up to four different numbers. You can even personalize the message.

The FireText has an integrated GSM module, which can accept a SIM card. It also makes sleep-shattering noises, just like any other smoke detector. It’s a great idea, and perfect for a second or third home. It’s even better for a first home.

Besides altering you when on vacation, this could be a lifesaver (literally) for someone that’s a heavy sleeper. The battery-operated FireText is also pretty affordable, at GBP 89.99 ($144) — but that doesn’t include carrier charges.


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