Skylink Offers All-In-One Security with SkylinkNet Kit

The upcoming product line is designed for the do-it-yourselfer.

Skylink's Internet Hub.

We’ve covered a lot of do-it-yourself security options over the past few months. However, Skylink is planning to expand beyond its garage door and alarm offerings and become a one-stop shop for your security needs. The company is packing several features into the newly announced SkylinkNet Alarm System.

Designed specifically for the DIYer, SkylinkNet is a complete alarm system, with a compatible smartphone app for iOS and Android devices. It comes with an Internet Hub, which serves as the center of the system. The Starter Kit also includes a motion sensor, a keychain remote, a door or window sensor, a flood/water sensor, and a garage door sensor.

That Internet Hub is easy to connect to your wireless router. From there, it can coordinate all of the receivers and sensors in the home. It can even send alerts to your smartphone, in case one of the sensors is triggered.

Speaking of your smartphone, it will come in handy. That app allows for remote control and monitoring for up to six users, all without monthly service fees.

If you want to add on, SkylinkNet works up to 100 wireless sensors and controllers, as well as 10 wireless cameras. Also worth noting is that SkylinkNet has a battery back-up option, in case there’s a power failure.

The SkylinkNet Starter Kit will start shipping soon, with an MSRP of $149. It can also be customized and paired with other kits and accessories, which are sold separately

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