Seeker GPS Tracks Stolen Cars

BlackLine wants to find your vehicle and add to its line at the same time.

BlackLine Seeker

BlackLine's Seeker GPS package will start selling in Q1 2009.

Dude, where’s your car? Ask BlackLine. They’ve just announced the Seeker, a GPS-based vehicle recovery and tracking device.

Seeker taps into your car’s battery system, with a two-wire power connection. If an unauthorized person (or persons!) moves your car outside of the security perimeter, Seeker automatically sends a text or email to the BlackLine Recovery Service. From there, the cops take over. It sounds great if you’re worried about losing your ride — or at least scaring the kids straight.

The unit features BlackLine’s own Aura technology, which wirelessly syncs with the included MyPass keyfob. When you’re in the realm of the pre-established perimeter, Seeker automatically disarms. It also works with other BlackLine products, such as the GPS Snitch and the Blip Blackberry app.

Seeker will soon be available — starting in early 2009. It’s expected to sell for $349. The BlackLine Recovery Service will run another $20 per month or $200 for the year.


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