SecurityMan Signals Air-Alarm for DIY Security

SecurityMan's Air-Alarm is a DIY wireless home security system, expandable to up to 60 sensors.

securityman air-alarm

SecurityMan's Air-Alarm system kit

If you want to add some security peace of mind to your home, but don’t want to add any new wires or go through a professional installer, SecurityMan may have a solution for you.

The company’s new Air-Alarm is a DIY wireless home alarm system kit that doesn’t require a monthly fee and can send you phone call alerts.

The Air-Alarm system is expandable to up to 60 wireless sensors and up to eight remote controllers, so you can install it in larger homes or even your small businesses.

Basic packages include: an Air-Alarm host that features LED lights, keypad and speaker; host anchor card; power adapter; wireless wide-angle PIR motion sensor; wireless magnetic door/window sensor and mount; wireless indoor siren; a pair of wireless remote controllers; phone cable; warning sign; other accessories.

The wireless signal can be transmitted up to 300 feet for the controller, smoke sensor and siren, and up to 450 feet for the door/window and motion sensors.

You can enlist a series of phone numbers for the Air-Alarm to alert, and then you’ll be able to dial into the host, use the phone’s keypad and arm or disarm the system.

SecurityMan doesn’t list pricing, but says you can check for its products online at, Smarthome,, and Blazing Tech, though it doesn’t look like the sites have added Air-Alarm as of today, Sept. 26.


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