SecurityMan Gives You DIY Wi-Fi Surveillance

SecurityMan's FreeCam2 wireless security kit includes two weatherproof cameras and wireless receiver/transmitter for $159.

securityman freecam

SecurityMan's FreeCam2 wireless security kit

Looking for a little extra security for your home? SecurityMan has a new Wi-Fi security camera kit that you can install yourself and have up and running in no time.

The SecurityMan FreeCam2 is a wireless security camera kit that the company says has no interference from 2.4 GHz/5.8 GHz devices on the Wi-Fi network. The DIY kit includes two weatherproof wireless color bullet cameras for either outdoor or indoor applications.

The camera features microphone for audio monitoring, and a wall-mount/desktop bracket for adjustable viewing angle.

Footage from up to 23 feet away can be captured, in black-and-white night vision, thanks to the infrared LEDs, and a built-in 900 MHz transmitter will feed the video wirelessly to your TV and/or recorder up to 330 feet.

You can select any single camera display or auto-sequence them through the SM-302R receiver, designed for use with up to two wireless cameras.

MSRP on the camera kit is $159.95.


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