SecurityMan Gives You a Wireless Security Camera Option

SecurityMan's ClearCam II is a wireless camera kit that includes a receiver and accessories, transmission up to 330 feet, and night vision for $129.95.

securityman cam

SecurityMan's ClearCam II

If you’re looking to up the security of your home, SecurityMan has a new wireless offering that appears to be pretty easy to install for all the DIYers out there.

SecurityMan’s ClearCam II is a wireless security camera kit that the company says is free from interference from popular Wi-Fi devices. The kit includes the camera, a receiver and accessories such as a wall-mount bracket for adjustable viewing angle.

The indoor/outdoor camera features a sunshade for reduced glare, weatherproof housing and 26 infrared LEDs for night vision up to 45 feet. The built-in 900-MHz transmitter can send color video to your TV or DVR/VCR up to 330 feet.

The receiver will allow up to two wireless cameras, for switching between any single display or a group of auto-sequencing cameras’ display.

Price on the ClearCam II is $129.95, and clicking on the Buy Now button on the website leads (as of this writeup) to a $119.95 sale price. Check out more specs at


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