RFID Door Lock Loses the Keys

Keys don't weigh down this digital door lock; just wave and enter your secret pin code.


My husband is always on my case about leaving my keys in the door. It’s either that, I leave the baby on our front porch, or we get the RFID Digital Door Lock.

This is the kind of lock that James Bond has on his house (or at least his toolshed). Coolest Gadgets says that it has the RFID pad, as well as a keypad. Just wave your RFID card or keyfob at the lock and punch in your secret code.

One weird note: The product page says that it needs to be shielded from the rain and snow. Um… does that mean you are supposed to mount it indoors?

Either way, I guess you can’t put a price on coolness like that. Maybe not you, but someone could… it’s $300.

  • $299.99
  • Comes with 4 RFID cards, 2 keyfobs and 2 tags
  • Has auto/manual lock modes
  • Includes burglar alarm
  • 4 AA batteries required

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