PipeBurst Pro Saves Properties from Water Damage

The new line of water detection products can alert homeowners and turn on and off water valves.


For more than 35 years, the Midwestern company PipeBurst Pro has been designing and manufacturing water protection systems for residential and commercial properties. The company’s latest water-monitoring solution includes products that address specific areas of concern for property owners.

The company’s new line of products includes the user interface FloTrax control panel, which incorporates features such as alarms, temperature sensors and two-way communication tracking capabilities. The FloodBug with SideKick is designed for placement in areas where there isn’t a lot of room for water sensors. When it detects a leak, it will relay an alarm while sending a signal to shutoff the water to the affected area.

Some of PipeBurst Pro’s other products include the TickerValve, which is designed to cycle back and forth in a 90-degree rotation to quickly close valves to stop leaks, and a SloFlo feature that slowly opens a valve. PipeBurst Pro’s VIP w/Sidekick is a processing control unit that provides more features than a standard alarm by automatically turning water off.


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