Panasonic Network Cameras Offer High Resolution Monitoring

Panasonic's BB-HCM515A delivers MPEG4 video format at up to 1280x1024 resolution with a PoE connection.

Panasonic camera

Panasonic's BB-HCM515A network camera

The quality of home security video continues to give homeowners a clearer view of their properties these days. Panasonic has added three new options in this respect, announcing the expansion of its family of Pro-Line Network Cameras, highlighted by the mega-pixel BB-HCM515A network camera.

The BB-HCM515A provides a simple plug-and-play connection using the Power Over Ethernet (PoE) standard, and high-quality video in MPEG4 and MJPEG formats at up to 1280×1024 resolution. The unit is joined by the new BB-HCM511A and the outdoor-ready BB-HCM531A.

These models offer video in MPEG4 and MJPEG formats at up to 30 frames per second at 640×480, with the mega-pixel BB-HCM515A offering resolution up to 1280×1024, and users can monitor from a cell phone, PC or PDA, says Panasonic.

The BB-HCM515A network camera’s improved imaging allows users to check corner-to-corner images even when they are enlarged to fill the screen, the company says. When recording in situations with strong contrast, such as backlighting, the camera automatically compensates for the dark and light parts of the image. In addition, the entire 2007 line of cameras comes equipped with high-speed 100-degree per second remote pan/tilt and digital zoom control that allows users to monitor larger areas and more angles through remote control functionality.

The compact cameras can be placed where there is an Ethernet (10/100 BaseT Switch) connection, and can be monitored from the camera’s built-in Web page for viewing from virtually any location. Up to 30 users can view images simultaneously, and access to the camera can be password-protected with different access privileges for up to 50 different user IDs.

Other camera features include image date, time and text overlay, audio and video recording onto an SD Memory Card with the built-in SD Memory Card reader slot, built in motion detection, a two-way audio feature and the ability to capture live video in low-light situations.

The BB-HCM515A, BB-HCM511A and outdoor ready BB-HCM531A are currently available from select distributors.

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