Panamax Announces Home Theater Backup

The MB1000 saves your system in the event of a power failure.

Panamax MB1000

In the event of a power failure, the Panamax MB1000 offers a few extra minutes of home theater backup time.

No one likes a blackout. After all, there are only so many board games one can play. Your A/V equipment likes it even less. Panamax wants to keep things business as usual — at least when it comes to home theater.

While your neighbors are huddling around a flashlight, you can feel the warm glow of your home theater system with the MB1000 UPS.

Sadly, the device won’t deliver the extra juice to get you through a “Lord of the Rings” marathon. However, it will keep everything connected in the event of a power failure, while resettable circuit breakers provide optimal overload protection.

First in the company’s new line of UPS battery backups, the MB1000 features eight battery-powered, surge protected and AVR outlets. That includes four non-critical-load and four critical-loud outlets.

A little extra time with that loved one is nice, but mainly this system will save you in damaged goods and hair loss: It saves any setup or stored data, as well as keeps any hard drives from crashing. It also allows that projection bulb to cool down properly.

The MB1000 is available now for $729.95.


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