PalmWatch III Provides Peace of Mind with Wi-Fi Baby Monitoring

SecurityMan's PalmWatch III is a wireless security monitoring system that includes audio, video and motion detection, as well as night vision.

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SecurityMan's PalmWatch III monitoring system

As parents there is hardly a bigger concern than always worrying about the safety and health of our children. Especially when they are babies and we wish we could be next to them 24/7.

SecurityMan has eased our worries a little bit with the latest version of its PalmWatch monitoring system, the PalmWatch III. You don’t even need to turn the light on to check on baby in the crib — the product features night vision so you can watch your little one sleeping away while you’re in another room.

The camera is desktop standable or wall mountable, and the portable 2.4-inch LCD device allows you to add one more camera to the system for more viewing angles. There’s an A/V output so you can connect a recorder or larger screen monitor for checking in.

PalmWatch III provides audio and motion detection as well to alert you if anything’s happening. Its Wi-Fi capability also makes it convenient to take with you from room to room; the company lists its unobstructed effective range at 330 feet.

Of course, as SecurityMan notes, you can use it to monitor anything, so with the rising baby boom population you may also want it to monitor your aging parents that might have recently moved in.


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