Open Doors at the Touch of a Finger

Security provider ekey to introduce the TOCA integra flush-mounting fingerprint scanner.

ekey TOCA integra

ekey TOCA integra

Why use a key when your fingerprint will do? It’s certainly a little harder to lose a finger than a key.

Working off its previous fingerprint scanning products, ekeyUSA Systems is introducing a flush-mounting fingerprint scanner on March 8. The scanner will be suitable for aluminum, wooden or glass doors, the company says, with the ekey TOCAhome integra for individuals and TOCAnet integra for network control managed by a centralized server.

And you can have plenty of family and friends have access to your doors (or make sure certain people don’t have access). The ekey TOCAhome integra is a standalone access control system stores up to 99 fingerprints locally without using a PC.

The scanner mounts flush in a small opening in the door or door frame, making it elegant, convenient and unobtrusive. The device consists of a scanner and control panel, which are connected to each other via a highly encrypted line, ekey says. The scanner is built directly into the door, and the control unit is mounted elsewhere inside the building.

Here’s the two-step process for unlocking a door: 1) Enrollment (one time only), which involves swiping a finger over the scanner to extract and store a binary code template that represents the fingerprint’s biometric features (you remember learning when you were a kid that no two fingerprints are alike, right?); and 2) Identification, which involves a user swiping his/her finger over the scanner (compared against previously stored code templates) and finding a match, thereby granting access by energizing an electrical strike that allows the door to open.

And of course, even if you do lose a finger, there are nine more that can do the trick!

Visit for more. MSRP is expected to range between $600 and $1,300.


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