On-Q Adds Video to Door Intercom

Now you can peek at potential visitors as you greet them.

On-Q Intercom Video Door Unit

Installers can upgrade an existing Selective Call System just by replacing the current Door Unit with the new Video Door Unit.

It’s nice to be able to check in with visitors via an intercom. However, checking them out is even better.

On-Q/Legrand knows this. That’s why they have just announced the Selective Call Intercom Video Door Unit. It works like the standard intercom, but also features a wide angle, low 0.2 lux color camera. Connect the unit to On-Q’s LCD Console and you can view guests with one button press. Don’t like the cut of their jib? Don’t let them in. Even better, don’t answer the door. How’s that for luxury living?

The company says that the unit works great in low light and bright conditions. Also, the wide viewing angle makes for plenty of install options. If you’ve got a Cat 5 setup, it should be pretty plug-and-play. That’s great — for your installer. That’s right; a pro is the only way you will get one of these.

On-Q/Legrand’s Intercom Video Door Unit is available now. Call a qualified installer to get pricing and install info.


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