NightOwl iPod/iPhone Docking Station Doubles as Security Camera

BrickHouse's NightOwl docking station can record hours of high-resolution video.


The summer is coming, which probably means plenty of road trips and vacations plans. If you’re going to be splitting your time between two places, you may want to look into some type of security system.

BrickHouse is putting that functionality into an iPod/iPhone dock, known as the NightOwl.

The NightOwl iPod docking station features a camera and built-in DVR, which also doubles as a place to put your iPod or iPhone. The setup doesn’t record content directly to your iOS device, but it can charge that portable and play back music. It’s the ultimate in covert surveillance.

According to BrickHouse, the NightOwl is also designed to work in total darkness — hence, the name. Promising functionality in low-light conditions, the DVR can switch to infrared recording to capture 720 x 240 video up to 30 feet away.

Once images are recorded, users can save those video files to a micro SD card or check out footage right on a PC.

Available with a remote, RCA cables, and a 2GB SD card, the NightOwl is available now directly from BrickHouse for $549.


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