Moms Are No Good with Security

Better double-check those locks that your mom buys.


Moms have a lot on their minds. Apparently, locks aren't on the to-do list.

Mom is worried about your boo-boos and whether you’ve been eating, but apparently she’s not too concerned with the door locks.

Sure, they love to lock the doors. However, according to Schlage, almost three out of four moms expect someone else to take care of selecting the locks. Out of the 1,200 surveyed, 58 percent of those actually said they’d ask the staff at a home improvement store or even call in a professional locksmith.

There are also plenty of moms who:

  • Leave a spare key in a special place outside their home (20%)
  • Give away at least one key to individuals who do not live in their homes (69%)
  • Never changed the locks on the doors to their current homes. (27%)

“The Schlage survey reveals obvious security goals with some interesting habits that many consumers share and practice, not just moms,” said Dwight Gibson, general manager, Intelligent Residential Security, Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies. “We all want the peace of mind of knowing that our homes, families and belongings are safe; yet, sometimes moms and others take steps out of the need for convenience or another reason that can compromise the security of their homes.”

It doesn’t seem all that bad. Still, with so many windows and doors left open during the summer months, it probably wouldn’t hurt to take a look around mom’s house. She’ll make you a sandwich!


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