Lorex Launches Digital Wireless Security

The Ultra Digital Wireless line features monitoring, cameras, and portability possibilities.

Lorex LW2002

Lorex's LW2002 features a color 2.4-inch LCD, and can connect to any TV, monitorm VCR, DVR or DVD recorder.

Need to add a little protection to your home? Instead of ripping up the walls, Lorex can make the addition easier with its Ultra Digital Wireless product line.

Just announced, this portable digital wireless monitoring system uses encrypted frequency hopping technology to deliver secure, quality video. It also has a rechargeable lithium battery, so you can take it anywhere.

The Portable Digital Wireless Monitoring System (LW2002) has a 2.4-inch LCD monitor/receiver, which can be hooked into any TV for big-screen viewing. It can also be connected to your DVR, has built-in audio, and is expandable up to four cameras. Lorex will be launching its Easy Connect Network camera line this fall.

Lorex’s new digital wireless products can be used as stand-alone devices, or combined with other surveillance products, such as digital video recorders and Lorex’s own L20WD800 series.

The Ultra Digital Wireless product line is available now at Fry’s, Brandsmart, Micro center, PC Richard and The Source by Circuit City retail stores, as well as a variety of online outlets, such as Amazon. The MSRP is $269.95.


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