Lorex Adds Monitor into LW3451X Wi-Fi Home Monitoring Solution

The webcam and monitor combo allows you to see what's happening anytime, from anywhere.

We’ve seen a lot of webcams over the years. However, most of the newer options work in conjunction with some sort of app. The newly announced Lorex LW3451X is no different, but it also adds in a rechargeable handheld monitor for those without immediate access to a smartphone or tablet.

No PC is needed for the setup process. Just place the included Wi-Fi Cradle anywhere you can get a wireless signal. Once on the network, dock the monitor and you can view video remotely and/or locally. If you don’t want to travel with an extra 4.3-inch LCD monitor in your bag, the free Lorex Care app does work with iOS and Android devices. That allows you to peek in from anywhere, without recurring fees.

The pan/tilt camera features motion tracking, all of which can be controlled remotely. Users can also set up the system to capture video through scheduled or motion-based recording.

Other features include night vision, a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, and two-way talk between the camera and the monitor. According to Lorex, the system is also expandable up to four cameras, allowing for additional camera channels.

“With this new product, we wanted to create a complete security solution tailored for the home that consumers can access and trust from anywhere in the world,” said Reuben Klein, general manager at Lorex. “The home video monitor featuring our unique Wi-Fi Cradle accomplishes just that. It’s easy to set up and gives our customers confidence they are never too far to watch over their homes.”

Lorex is currently selling the LW3451X, with an MSRP of $299.

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