Lorex Adds iPhone to IP Setup

The company is adding easy access to this even easier security camera.

Lorex LNE3003

Lorex's LNE3003 IP camera can be accessed through any web browser, including via the iPhone or iPod touch.

Lorex has got a little something new for you security lovers out there. The company says that the LNE3003 will start shipping this month, but it seems to already be available all over the web.

The easy-peasy IP camera connects to any router or wall port on your network, and sends images of your precious property out to the web. Don’t worry about potential predators casing out your home from the comfort of their computer screens; you’ll need a password to check in on things. It also has Wi-Fi support, which means you can place it anywhere indoors without having to add extra cables.

Another nice hook is that you don’t necessarily need a computer for an off-site peek. The Easy Connect Network IP Camera is compatible with 3G mobile devices such as the Apple’s iPhone or iPod touch. The camera can also record, as well as send motion-triggered email alerts.

The web access is supplied through Yoics. There’s no word on whether or not you’ll have to pay for that privilege. However, the camera can be found on the web in the $230 range.


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