LockState Adds Wi-Fi to Keypad Door Lock

The LockState Connect Remote-Lock is a web-controlled residential door lock.


It’s hard to imagine that there’s a whole lot of mystery left in the door lock. The keypad added something kind of cool to the category. However, LockState is looking to take that cool to high-tech levels, with the LockState Connect Remote-Lock.

The LockState Connect Remote-Lock is a residential keypad door lock that adds in web access. That basically means you can lock and unlock the door from any web-connected computer, tablet or mobile device.

It’s also easy to install — just like any other door lock. It can replace any existing deadbolt or lever, so that lock can be a high-tech lock. Even better, there’s no software or computer equipment needed.

Besides being able to control the lock, the LockState Connect Remote-Lock allows users to remotely revoke access, create temporary passwords for guests, and schedule access times. Users can also setup real-time alerts, so a text will be sent whenever someone unlocks and enters the door.

Designed to integrate with thermostats, cameras, motion sensors and other devices, the LockState Connect Remote-Lock is currently available for pre-order, with a promotional price of $199. Once the lock is unleashed to the general public, that price will go up to $249.


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