Linear VMC1 Intercom Catches Friends and Foes on Video

The new video intercom is a single system for centralized security.


Want to know what’s lurking on the other side of that door? Life isn’t (typically) a horror movie, so that’s a gamble you may not want to take. The new Linear VMC1 Video Security Intercom System can give you a glimpse, without making you vulnerable to intruders.

Linear’s latest is a centralized security solution, combining live video, audio, whole-home intercom, door releases, alarm triggers, and remote monitoring — all in one system.

The hub of the whole thing is the VMC1 Master Station, which has a 5.6-inch color screen that can monitor any door with a camera. The VMC1 System can access up to three color cameras or video door stations at once, via add-ons like TV displays or portable devices.

If you’re more worried about what’s going on at home when you aren’t at home, the VMC1 System can also stream live video signals or email snapshots to any web-enabled smartphone or computer.

The VMC1 isn’t all business, though. The unit can share music throughout the home, via an MP3 player, a smartphone, or the unit’s AM/FM tuner.

Other features allow users to speak with and see visitors at monitored doors, as well as lock and unlock doors. There’s even an option to integrate triggered thermostat controls. Of course, it’s also an intercom, which means you can speak to a single room, a group of rooms or the entire house, up to 20 rooms.

Available in white, black or bronze, the VMC1 Video Security Intercom System is now shipping.


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