Kwikset’s SmartScan Reads Your Fingerprint to Open Doors

The SmartScan from Kwikset is a deadbolt programmable for more than 50 users, with three access option settings and retails for $199.

Kwikset smartscan

Kwikset's SmartScan keyless entry

Using keys to enter your home is so last century, right? The latest in 21st century keyless entry technology comes from Kwikset with its introduction of SmartScan, a residential biometric keyless entry system.

The SmartScan uses only a fingerprint scan to give you commercial and government type security to your residence. It’s a deadbolt that can be applied to external and internal doors.

Just swipe a valid fingerprint across the sub-dermal sensor to activate the battery-powered SmartScan deadbolt. It uses RF electronic imaging to read live fingerprint patterns located beneath the sub-dermal outer surface layer of the skin, making it unaffected by dry, dirty or worn fingertips, Kwikset says.

The device is programmable with 50-plus user fingerprints, and has a special timed “lock out feature” that allows homeowners three levels of access options. This allows Continuous Access (24/7) for family members, Limited Date Access for contractors, and Restricted Access based upon Time and Date for babysitters or housekeepers and the like, allowing a specific day and window of time (Fridays 9:00 – 9:15 a.m., for example).

Programming and set up are allowed only by designated administrator(s) and are menu driven via a built-in keypad and Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). If you’re wondering what happens if the battery dies, each system includes a backup key because the product is also a standard deadbolt in case those batteries were not replaced.

The SmartScan is available in satin nickel, polished brass and Venetian bronze finishes and retails for $199. Visit for more info.

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