Kwikset Adds Unlimited Guest eKeys to Kevo Smart Lock

The upgrade features 24-hour access for guests and the option for day and time constraints.

A smart lock offers a high-tech way to keep out intruders. But what do you do when you want to let a few people in?

Kwikset’s latest upgrade for the Kevo Smart Lock allows users to give out free and unlimited “Guest eKeys.” An eKey allows guests to tap into that smart lock via their smartphone and the free Kevo app for iOS devices. That way, homeowners can provide limited access (or revoke it!) for everyone from the baby-sitter and dog walker to grandparents and contractors.

The Kevo is a Bluetooth-enabled deadbolt that can turn your smartphone into a key. Just touch the phone to the lock to gain entry or you can use the Kevo app to open the door remotely from anywhere in the world. Another bonus is that eKey feature, which allows users to provide access for friends, family and service people.

All eKeys are created inside the Kevo app. This allows guests to gain unlimited 24-hour access to your home or you can create a Scheduled eKey, which includes set day and time constraints. Once the eKey is created, you can just email it to your recipient. Each guest will need a smartphone and the Kevo app to use an eKey. All eKeys can be managed and tracked in the Kevo app by the homeowner.

“We’re always looking for ways to improve the Kevo experience, and we hope this upgrade shows our customers that we’re listening,” said Keith Brandon, Kwikset’s director of residential access solutions. “Since Kevo’s been on the market, our customers have asked for free eKeys that let them give access anytime to friends or neighbors without paying for a new key. Now our unlimited Guest eKeys let them do that. We’re also introducing Scheduled eKeys to give homeowners the convenience of setting date and time constraints.”

The Kevo is available now for $219. It comes with two eKeys that can be reassigned as Scheduled or Anytime eKeys, as well as free, unlimited Guest eKeys. Additional Anytime or Scheduled eKeys can be purchased in the app for $1.99 each.

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