Korner Promises DIY Home Security System in Under 2 Minutes

This door/window sensor is easy and affordable


A lot of companies want to tell you that you can’t put a price on home security. However, a new solution known as Korner is using price as a major selling point.

Korner is a new low-cost, DIY home security system. It’s very simple, promising a completed setup in under two minutes. That’s because it’s basically a two-piece system that works in conjunction with a smartphone app. What could be simpler than that?

Just plug the Korner Fob into your router, stick the included patent-pending Tags on the corners of your doors and windows, and download the app. The Tag is the key, since it has a combination of sensors in a one-piece design that installs easily.

Once something is detected, the Fob emits a piercing screech and fires off an alert to your smartphone. From there, you have one-button access to the police or the option to forward the alert to your friends, family and neighbors.

Designed for homeowners and apartment dwellers, the Korner app is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

“Part of our mission is to bring home security to those who need it most, but who could never previously afford it,” says the company on its Indiegogo campaign page. “Home security has traditionally been targeted at more affluent homeowners, while middle and low income homeowners, along with renters, have been left to fend for themselves. Even though these groups suffer higher rates of break-ins.

Yes, Korner sought seeking funding on Indiegogo. The campaign ended on June 6, so keep an eye out for Korner to hit stores soon.


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