Kepler Uses Technology to Monitor Gas and Carbon Monoxide

The gas/carbon monoxide detector has a kitchen timer and two levels of alerts.

We’ve seen a lot of stand-alone security solutions recently. However, the one product category that hasn’t seemed to spawn too many options is gas/carbon monoxide detection. Sure, there is the Nest Protect, but now another company is looking to create an easy option, known as the Kepler.

The Kepler is a gas and carbon monoxide detector with active monitoring, alarms and a slick design — not unlike the Nest thermostat.

The Kepler has sensors inside, which can trigger warnings based on the level of danger. There’s a yellow level to display unsafe gas levels and a red for “critical warning.” Both are delivered with audible and visual alerts, as well as a smartphone notification to iOS and Android devices.

Also worth mentioning is the Kepler’s gesture-controlled kitchen timer. This isn’t the same as the Nest Protect’s Wave, which triggered a company recall back in April. Instead, you’ll need to enable it by turning a dial manually — which can also be used as a timer for cooking reminders. Then, if the system goes off during your cooking session, you have the option to silence it with the wave of a hand.

One other perk is battery backup, which allows the Kepler to work during a power outage. It also means that the device can be easily detached and moved to another room or even another house.

The Kepler isn’t currently for sale, but is tearing up a Kickstarter campaign to help fund mass production. To stake claim on one of the first units, you’ll need to pledge a minimum of $70 (the $50 and $60 options are already gone) before the August 30 deadline. Once the campaign is over, those backers can expect to receive a Kepler sometime this November.

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