JVC Professional Joins the Security Side

The company has added networked surveillance products to its ever-growing lineup.


JVC Pro's VR-N900U has 250GB of storage, and can be upgraded to 500GB.

JVC Pro would like to be known for something other than audio and video — they want to be your hero as well. Who wouldn’t be?

Today, they announced they are entering the home security market. Instead of just adding a few sensors and maybe a webcam to their A/V lineup, they are jumping in with both feet heavily networked — with the V.Networks lineup of surveillance cameras and recorders.

The main item they are pushing it the VR-N900U ($5,550), a stand-alone network video server and recorder. It allows recording, monitoring and control of IP network cameras as well as conventional analog (coaxial) cameras.

The system can be hooked to fire, moisture, and other home sensors that you probably don’t think about until you are standing in a basement full of water.

Like many systems, you can view this one over the web from any browser. It also throws in remote control options, which aren’t always the norm, but a nice feature. Add in optional software and the same services can be done on a PDA.

The VR-N900U records in JPEG or MPEG-4 up to 120fps at VGA 640 x 840 resolution. The unit stores everything on its 250GB hard drive, which can be upped to 500GB.


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