iZon Introduces App-Controlled Wireless Video Camera

Streams images to any iDevice.


Quick, easy and affordable: the three words every techy loves to hear.

Stem Innovation hopes to capitalize on these consumer hot buttons with the release of a nifty new product called the iZone Remote Room Monitor. Priced at $129.95, the cylinder-shape video camera can stream audio and video to any iPod touch, iPhone or iPad—anywhere in the world. A free app, Stem: Connect App, lets users remotely monitor the video captured by the camera, which looks more like one of those fancy air fresheners than a surveillance camera. If you don’t have the time or inclination to keep checking on the iZone, the camera can alert you automatically when there is motion or noise in a room and even record the audio and video to a free, private YouTube account.

Installation involves mounting the camera to any horizontal surface or to the ceiling and swiveling it toward the area you want to monitor. Then download the app, plug in the camera and add it to your wireless home network. Use it to keep an eye on the kids in the playroom, watch for a delivery on the back porch, or make sure all is well while you’re away on vacation.

The product is available at www.steminnovation.com and in select Best Buy locations, and soon in Apple retail stores. Target will offer the iZon in October.


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