Ivideon Delivers Cloud-Based Video Surveillance

The new service allows users to place cameras almost anywhere.


There are a lot of security camera options out there. But what if you need to have your eyes on several places at once? The Ivideon Video Surveillance system may be the perfect solution.

Ivideon allows users to place cameras in different locations — even different continents. From there, you can actually view all of the live streams through one interface. The company promises ease of use and high-quality streams.

Designed for viewing through a computer, laptop, tablet or other mobile device, Ivideon has datacenters located in the USA, Russia, Brazil, Canada, and Europe.

Once you download the Ivideon software, it will connect the camera to the cloud in about five minutes. It’s free to view live streams. However, the cloud service, video archives in the cloud, notifications, and cloud monitoring will cost you.

Ivideon supports all cameras on the market from a complex IP camera to a simple webcam, so you don’t need special equipment. The company also makes it possible to use live feeds on websites, blogs and social media sites.

To see exactly how the service works and get a peek at pricing, check out the Ivideon website.


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